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Sister Carmen Community Center

Sister Carmen Community Center is a non-profit organization in Boulder County that focuses on aiding families through economic struggles. Using holistic and strength-based tactics, Sister Carmen strives to help families in need throughout the northern Boulder area.

Sister Carmen Community Center runs a food bank, a thrift store, holds classes for community and family education and runs advocacy programs.

The food bank is a service that allows people in the northern Boulder area to come by and receive food without charge. The only thing that is needed is proof of address and identification. Following Covid-19 Guidelines, food is being served through a drive-in model. People come by in their cars and give their identification along with any food requests that they have and staff and volunteers will load food into their trunk or backseat.

The advocacy programs provide assistance in: Emergency financial assistance for utility bills, rent or mortgage, transportation assistance, and connect people to additional resources that they may need.

The courses that are offered at Sister Carmen are: nurturing parenting, parenting support, computer, and civic engagement classes. The classes are free and are not limited by the service area (northern Boulder). The classes are typically held in person, but per Covid-19 Guidelines, the classes have gone virtual.

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